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Rembrandt’s Deeply White Two-Hour Teeth Whitening Kit Won’t Give You Hella Sensitivity

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We love a good teeth whitening kit but that sensitivity you get post-whitening is killah. One time at band camp we used this one brand and our teeth were aching for a whole day. It was oral hell. Last week though, we ventured from our regular brand into new teeth whitening territory with Rembrandt’s Deeply White Two-Hour Teeth Whitening Kit. You use trays as opposed to strips and your teeth whiten up to three shades lighter in two hours. It goes below the enamel to whiten the ‘dentin’ layer, too. Apparently discolored dentin can show through enamel, so they decided it was best to whiten that layer also. So, so wise Rembrandt. The best part is though – no pain! None. Not even mild sensitivity. And can we talk about the fact that the kit is under $25? That’s pretty great. Our teeth are so white right now.

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-- Fiona Byrne

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