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Replace Your Plain Old Belt With A Zana Bayne Harness

Zana Accessories // Fashion 

There’s only so much one can do with a traditional leather belt. While a belt may come in different variations, an orange is an orange. We do love leather belts, however, so we were tickled pink when designers came up with a new take on them: the harness. For those not in the know, a harness is a dominatrixy/NYPD spin-off of the leather belt. One particular line of leather harnesses with a corner on the cool market is Zana Bayne, a designer who not only has her own line but has also collaborated with the likes of Prabal Gurung for three seasons in a row. And wowzer, her harnesses are neat! From the “Basic” harness ($100), to the wicked and witchy “Pentagram” harness ($250), to the more buttoned-up “Oxford” harness ($115) (by buttoned-up we mean a leather collar-shaped harness covered in metal hooks, rings and grommets), to the “Arrow” harness ($300), there’s a harness for every day of the week, every mood, every individual style. Stunning, menacing and brilliantly architectural – we want to strap on one of these and gallivant around town, passing out tickets for awesomeness and being too good looking.

Head to for your harness fix

-- Rachel Kibbe

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