June 19, 2015 // Style

Sabah Shoes Are Maybe The Softest Outdoor Slippers Your Feet Will Ever Know

You know how you do that thing when you travel in which you wonder how to bring a particularly amazing local product to people back home? Not I got you a gift, but more like I started a business. Well founder Mickey Ashmore lived in Istanbul for a couple of years and did just that. He received some Turkish leather slippers as a gift. He never wanted to take them off. He decided to make it his business and founded Sabah.

Mickey didn’t try to reproduce the slippers in the US of A though; he has his own modern interpretation of the shoes made to order in an ancient bazar in southeast Turkey. Some are in stock in the US, but if not, your order will arrive in 8-12 weeks. Aside from the beautifully soft leather, the shoes are light as a feather so you can throw into your weekend bag without worrying about the weight. They’re just so soft, it’s kind of insane.

$190, to order email thedealer@sabah.am and get more info in the ordering guide

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