February 23, 2017 // Style

Savvy Traveler Speak Eazy Wipes Are The Best Thing To Happen To Red Wine Teeth In Forever

We’ve never met a Barolo we didn’t like, but this obsession with the delicious Italian red wine inevitably ends up with us trying not to smile because of the teeth yellowing (and sometimes purple-ing) that happens with red wine. As a result, we have many times found ourselves in the ladies room with our travel toothbrush and mini-Crest in hand, brushing those stains away.

When we heard that Speak Eazy wipes can alleviate red wine teeth, we could not have been more excited. The idea that we can pop a little wipe in our clutch and clean all that gunk from our teeth and lips while on the go could not be more appealing, so we were keen to see if it actually works.

The wipes are spearmint flavored, and are made of a material that doesn’t make us shiver when we touch it to our teeth. We whipped one out of our purse on a recent Sunday night at a tapas place where the rioja had gone down very well, and set to removing the stains. Did it work? Yes. It’s not a whitening strip by any means, but it takes away the discoloration almost as well as brushing your teeth.

A must-have for red wine drinkers of the world!

A pack of 10 is $10 at savvytravelers.com

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