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Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co Is Where We Would Buy All Our Home Accessories If We Could

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There’s something so elegant and simple about the Matter lamp from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. A clear glass globe atop a hand-cast concrete base, naturally this calls for the bulb du jour, the Edison, to really showcase its beauty. A poke around the rest of the site of this Portland, Oregon–based company reveals we would probably buy every fixture from here if we could. And the rest. There are striped candles! Have you ever seen those before? We haven’t. There are all sorts of furniture and accessories including pillows, napkins and lampshades designed by fellow Portland stationery company Egg Press. We particularly love the kitchen stoneware and have our eyes on a striped teapot which is going to brew up our Marks & Spencer Fair Trade Gold Label tea very nicely.

Matter lamp, $239
Ana striped candles, $24
Blackline stoneware cannister, $58
Sea salt soap, $12
Egg Press Presidential floral euro pillow, $98.00
Sydney Hale Co. candle, $22
Blackline stoneware teapot, $58
Apothecary print shower curtain, $52
Ace Pilot stapler, $32

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-- Fiona Byrne

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