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Scotch & Soda Is A Hugely Varied Collection Crafted To Fit To Perfection

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“What’s this now?” we thought to ourselves when Scotch & Soda opened its Lafayette Street store a year and a half ago. It wouldn’t have taken much to please us since it replaced that horrendous Ed Hardy store that was previously there. Or was it Christian Audigier? We should ask Madonna, she would know — being the only person we can think of in New York that wears that stuff. If you’ve stopped by Scotch & Soda you’ve probably noticed one thing at least: the collection is enormous. There’s so much stuff! Seriously, is there really something for everyone? Well, in a word, yes. We defy you to go in there and not find something you would totally wear. While perusing the Fall collection recently we pulled out oversize cotton-knit sweaters, slouchy cotton trousers in the most gorgeous royal blue and awesome crinkled chambray shirts. We didn’t even know we liked crinkled chambray until we saw it. And the men’s stuff is that mix of preppy and mountain man that we SO LOVE. Current stuff we’re working into the rotation include — but are not limited to — a silk Hawaiian shirt, a white mesh tank that’s actually the right side of white trash when done correctly, and any amount of Breton stripes. Does it sound all over the place? It’s not. It’s so fun to shop there. Fresh, varied, and clothes crafted so well they fit perfectly. See Jessica Hart in the campaign below.

273 Lafayette St., NY 10012 Tel 212-966-3300

-- Fiona Byrne

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