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Scott Campbell’s If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long Shows True Talent Through Tattoos And Beyond

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He’s best known as probably the best tattoo artist in New York City (which means the world, right?) but Scott Campbell is so much more than just that. A mixed media fine artist, Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs collaborator and more, Campbell’s brilliant work has been gathered in the new book, If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long, and we highly recommend you include this on your March shopping list. With a foreword by friend Justin Theroux, as well as text by Al Moran and Richard Price, we see far beyond skin art to Campbell’s work on granite, eggshells and even burnt tortillas, which has now made us very hungry for some San Loco.

If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long is a collaboration between OHWOW gallery and, $39.95

-- Fiona Byrne

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