February 25, 2013 // Style

Sephora Cream Lip Stain Is Super-Saturated And Does. Not. Move.

It’s not that great red lip colors are hard to find, it’s just that ones that stay put are. In the case of Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain, it Does. Not. Move. ‘But isn’t it a lip stain?’ you say — as in, something that faintly stains the lips? How can this match a saturated lipstick? It can and it does. It’s a high-coverage stain with gel and resin agents that coat pigments to create an ultra-thin film. Basically, you can’t see anything but color. It makes your lips super red, but as if it’s the natural color of your lips. It’s bonkers and amazing. It’s so long lasting that it only shifts when you tackle it with an oil-based makeup remover, so it goes without saying you should avoid the oily foods too. Other than that, it’s almost as though you have tattooed this color on.

$12 at Sephora.com

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