February 23, 2017 // Design

Shower Clear Keeps Your Water Cleaner, And Probably Saves Your Hair Color, Too

Thinking about the quality of one’s tap water is a given, but how often do you think about the water that comes through your shower head? Actually, in our case, quite often. With bleached hair, the water can very much affect how color fades, or doesn’t, and this is partly due to bacteria and mold build-up inside the shower head. Yes, bacteria you never even know is there!

When we heard about Shower Clear, we were instantly intrigued. It’s a simple concept, the shower head opens via a latch so you can clean it as often as you like so there’s no mold or bacteria effing with your water quality, giving your ‘do the cleanest rinse it could possibly have.

And on a purely superficial note, the design is super chic. Your bathroom needs one.

From $275 at Shopshowerclear.com

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