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Slideshow: Miss Pop’s Impressive Nail Art Looks For Us Have Included Chanel, Soup Cans, Zippers, Minnie Mouse And More

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Nail art is having a maje moment right now (we do love to state the obvious around here), and right up in the eye of the crazy mani storm is Miss Pop nails, a.k.a. personal nail artist to us here at the Byrne Notice, as well as fashionable clients including Bergdorf Goodman, Charlotte Ronson and more. What we love most about Miss Pop is that we will show up and say, “Let’s do soup-can nails!” and an hour later we have the sickest Warholian vibe on our fingertips. Right now she works with corporate and private clients, but she’s always giving free manis at events around NYC so check her Facebook for details. We always Instagram our favorite nail lewks, and here are a few in one place so you don’t have to troll our feed to find them.

-- Fiona Byrne


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