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So Sick Tho: Jeanette Hayes’ Come si Dice: Webcam Girls Is Available As A Print

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We are just living for this print by downtown NYC-based artist Jeanette Hayes. Jeanette’s main muse is internet/technology stuff, which she blends with major works of art from history. This print Come si Dice: Webcam Girls was created based on Jeanette’s actual phone wallpaper. “I always have really nice screensavers because I have to look at it all the time. You use your phone, you adore your phone, it’s like your little god. You might as well put little iconographic imagery to adore on there,” she says of the piece, which is is available now at Exhibition A. So sick tho. If you like this, you’ll totally love Jeanette’s Instagram: @jeanettehayes

From $150 at

-- Fiona Byrne

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