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So The Refine Method Is The New Fitness Thing, Apparently. And We’re Into It.

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We are so not fitness people. During fashion week, our idea of healthy living is carrying a Celine duffel and remembering to add some Emergen-C to our wine. Maybe it’s the new downtown location of The Refine Method, maybe it’s Madonna’s epic back-flipping during the Super Bowl, but we feel the tides of change a-comin’.

At the root of the technique is a circuit-style workout known as Metabolic Resistance Training. Let us translate: this is the antithesis to that mind-numbingly repetitive fad workout you tried last year. Rather than exhausting your muscles (and brain) with tedious movements, you sculpt and attack problem areas through short intervals of intense physical activity. While the overall structure of the class is always the same, the exercises constantly evolve — and we promise you’ll never be caught bent over a bar with a ball between your legs.

After just two weeks we are seeing results sufficient to get us hooked. Since the new location is currently in its private preview stage, those of you wanting to catch this workout on your way to a night out should keep in mind there are no showers just yet.

868 Broadway, NY 10003, To join the fun, email

-- Alexa Geovanos

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