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STFU! We Cannot With Wendy Brandes Acronym And Emoji Jewelry

WendyBrandes Accessories // Fashion 

We are never not loving an emoji accessory or two, but in the case of Wendy Brandes, it’s her acronym ring sets and necklaces that have us in a major tizzy. Take the three-ring ‘NYC’ and ‘212’ area code ring sets – both perfect little reminders that we live in the greatest city in the world – and the ‘STFU’ and ‘GTFOH’ lettered necklaces are lolz. There’s WTF and YOLO ring sets too, and the emoji accessories go above and beyond smiley faces with emoji pills, hand signs and a ton more awesomeness. We have that weak we need it now feeling about most pieces. It’s a #problem.

From $35 at

-- Fiona Byrne

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