August 13, 2014

Stumptown’s Cold Brew With Milk And Sugar Is Your Coffee Dream Come True

Some people let ‘haters’ be their motivator, we let ‘coffee’. We’re such coffee freaks that we get excited about it going asleep at night and whisper gratitude to the universe as we make a fresh pot in the morning. As recent converts to cold-brew, we were very interested in Stumptown’s latest offering: a carton of coffee with milk and sugar included. The adorable carton is attractive in that on-trend nostalgic kind of way and we immediately fell in love with the overall branding. We’re suckers for good packaging.

Here’s the clincher: it tastes as good as it looks. They added rBST-free milk and sugar in the perfect amounts and the milk is actually the one used in their coffee shops. The result is an almost chocolate-y smoothness.

It’s been in in coffee shops on the west coast and stores in the northwest since December 2013 and in New York City it’s currently available only in Stumptown cafes. That’s about to change though since it’s about to be rolled out to grocery stores and retailers where it will more than likely be found in the dairy aisle. Look out for it in stores at the end of the month. We’re counting the days.

Locations: 18 West 29th St and 30 West 8th St

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