December 19, 2013 // Design

Super-Luxe Alison Lou x Dempsey & Carroll Stationery Is The Kind Of Thing You Frame Upon Receiving

Our obsession with Alison Lou is reaching frenzy-levels at this point. When the designer launched her emoticon-inspired fine jewelry in 2012, we were absolutely blown away, and now she’s gone and created a stunning collaboration with luxe stationery line Dempsey & Carroll. And by luxe we mean super-luxe. The beautiful cotton fiber cards feature hand-engraved Alison Lou motifs, including a heart eyes emoticon correspondence card, a ‘naughty or nice’ holiday card that appropriately features a blushing face, and a wonderful set of ‘stalk me’ calling cards to which you can add your own social media handle (or phone number, if you really want trouble). There’s also a ‘screw you’ card that’s perfect for those that have slighted you — and soooo worth the $15 per-card price tag. When we received the naughty or nice holiday card, we framed it. So sick.

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