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The Alison Lou Coney Island Fine Jewelry Collection Solidifies Her Genius Jeweler Status

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We generally literally cannot with Alison Lou jewelry and the new Coney Island resort collection is actually beyond what we could even dream about in terms of fine jewelry.

The entire collection is based on Coney Island, so it’s a seaside and fun fair theme and includes the sickest 14K gold roller-coaster ring, a 14K gold merry-go-round bracelet featuring silver ponies and the beyond cute 14K gold and enamel beach ball pendant. There’s even a nod to Nathan’s with a beautiful hot dog ring. Sure, we’ve seen hot dog rings before, but they weren’t in rose gold, with yellow sapphire mustard and a yellow gold bun. And let’s talk about the ruby and sapphire-encrusted rocket pop necklace. That is one special piece right there.

We’ve always appreciated Alison’s brain when it comes to creating super-irreverent fine jewelry, and with the Coney Island collection we are pretty positive that she’s verging on genius territory. Dreamy.

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-- Fiona Byrne

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