April 28, 2019 // Style

The Ayr Mirage: A Pant For Long Haul Flights, But Make It Fashion

You know how everyone in fashion is always banging on about their go-to ‘travel’ pants? Usually an (expensive) sweatpant that no one really can tell you spent a grip on, unless it says Gucci across the butt, but who wants that?

On my travels, I personally sported a boyfriend jean that was actually comfortable for sitting on a long-haul flight or a 3.5 hour Jitney to Montauk. Then my attention was drawn to the Mirage pant by Ayr.

These are featherweight silk pants (with 5% spandex for extra comfort) and when I tell you they are flattering… guys… they are the MOST flattering pants I’ve ever owned. When you couple that with extreme comfort, you have the most awesome pants you can possibly get your hands on.

The waistband is wide and they sit just below the belly button. There’s a fabric belt with which you can hoist them up slighting higher, depending on how you’re feeling. The leg is gloriously wide and billowy. You almost feel like you’re wearing nothing. It’s so liberating.

In addition to being the most travel-friendly pant on the planet, they’re also the perfect spring pant, the perfect summer-evening-in -Europe pant, the perfect I need to pull an elegant but cool look together in two minutes-pant.

An absolute must-have in everyone’s closet.

$295, available at Ayr.com

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