February 15, 2019

This Is The Best Paint For Painting Your Floors White

I’d always dreamed of having white floors but I thought it would involve one of those enormous sanding machines, a mask, eye goggles and an inability to live in my apartment during the process. However, while it’s discombobulating, it’s liveable.

I did quite a bit of research beforehand. I knew epoxy was probably the most enduring solution, but the fumes in an apartment building were out of the question.

I landed on Sherwin Williams Porch & Floor paint after watching a YouTube tester compare it to other floor paints. It’s Extra White and is so bright and clean. Annoyingly, Sherwin Williams isn’t as widely available as I would like, so I schlepped to Chelsea and back a few times with cans of paint. But I digress.

Ideally, all the furniture from the room would be moved out before beginning, but I couldn’t get my sofa out so I decided to work on half the floor.

I lightly sanded using a handheld Black & Decker Mouse Sander. It has a little bag to catch the dust, which works really well. After sanding, I wiped the floor with a damp cloth, then applied the first layer of paint.

It dries incredibly fast. You should avoid painting if it’s raining outside though, because it prolongs the drying time.

I cut in the edges first, with a 1.5” brush, then filled in with a roller. It was so quick and easy. After just a few hours, I was able to apply the second coat. In two coats, the floor was done.

You have to let the paint cure for at least 24 hours. Even if it seems dry, it won’t be fully indestructible so give it 24 hours before moving your furniture back in.

The next day, I moved my sofa to the painted side and finished the room. For the next few days, I repeated this process in all the other areas of my apartment. I couldn’t believe how much white floors transformed the place. It was exactly as I hoped it would be.

As for care, this is now a no-shoes apartment. However, shoe prints wipe off pretty easily. For the most trafficked area, the hallway, I got a runner. This one is from Now House by Jonathan Adler for Amazon and was $106 – and it’s 100% wool! So good.

I am more than happy to answer any questions about the process if you DM me on Instagram @nycfiona

Photo: Genevieve Garruppo

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