February 15, 2012

The Cake Café Brings Dublin Back To Its Roots With Scones And Tea

There’s so, so, so much to love about the Cake Café, a tiny place very much off the beaten path in Dublin. Firstly, the menu — egg and soldiers? We can’t. Soup with the most delicious homemade brown bread you can imagine? Stop it. Victoria sponge, fruit scones with jam and cream, tiny cupcakes, orange chocolate loaf… sigh. There’s a reason why it all tastes so insane — it’s all made with real Irish butter. Do we need to go any further? How about you can have a glass of prosecco if you like? And all within the adorable and chic surroundings of a bright café with classic black and white tile. There’s an outdoor courtyard for the rare sunny day (never a better feeling than when the sun shines in Ireland) and china teacups and delft so mismatched you feel as though you’re at your granny’s on your “summer holidays” again. The café is in the sustainable Daintree building and uses collected rainwater to flush the loos, while the underfloor heating is solar-powered. All their ingredients are ethically sourced, so all that famous Irish freshness shines through. Visitors to Dublin won’t ever wander past this place, so make a note to seek it out next time you’re in town. It’s pure heaven.

The Daintree Building, Pleasants Place, Dublin 2 tel 353 1 478 9394 Thecakecafe.ie

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