September 23, 2013 // Design

The Flower Girl x Red Flower Candle Is Simple And Versatile, Just Like The Store’s Blooms

If you’re lucky enough to live in New York, visiting Denise Porcaro’s adorable store on Eldridge Street is something you must do. Not your average florist, Porcaro has tapped into the less-is-more mindset of current lifestyle trends, creating simple, pretty bouquets with a rustic twist that sit perfectly in the likes of the Bowery and Jane Hotels as well as many a downtown fashion dinner. In addition to adorable floral-based activities such as teaching flower crown making classes, Porcaro recently created a candle with Red Flower, with the intention of creating a timeless scent that’s not specific to any one season. With notes of bergamot, wild orchid, ginger, nutmeg, sandalwood and daffodil, this works just as well in the chilly evenings of fall as the depths of winter and into warmer days. Simple and versatile – just like her blooms.

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