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The Impossible Project Saved The Last Polaroid Factory And Produces New Film

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Forget those new mini instant photos you get at parties and stuff, they’re like, so new. We are happy to report that you can now grab your Polaroid camera from days of yore and start shooting again, because the Impossible Project now manufactures film for many types of Polaroid cameras — including the 600 Film.

You can thank “the very best 10 former Polaroid employees” behind this wonderful company for saving the last Polaroid production plant in October 2008; can you even imagine what we would do with our Spicecam had they not stepped in to salvage it? They now produce and even invent new instant film. These guys are, how you say, our heroes. That’s what we call dreaming the impossible and making it uh, possible.

If you’re freaking out because you never actually bought a Polaroid camera back in the day, chill out. The Impossible Project also has refurbished Polaroid cameras in their store.

425 Broadway, 5th Floor, NY 10013 tel 212-219-3254

-- Alex Gallegos

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