April 2, 2012

The Juice Press Cleanse Is So Good You’ll Want to Continue Beyond The Duration You’d Planned

You know that moment when someone tells you they’re doing a cleanse, but adds that they’re ‘not doing it to lose weight’? Yeah, that moment. That LIE! Right? Well, turns out maybe they’re not actually lying. We came to this conclusion following a stint on the most basic level of the BluePrint Cleanse. After three days drinking BP juices, we were ready to go back to solids, but God, we felt so good. So recently, constantly feeling sluggish and heavy, we hit up Juice Press in the East Village for a three-day raw-juice cleanse. The store is one of three Juice Press locations in Manhattan, the other two being on the Upper East Side and the newest location on Elizabeth Street in Nolita. In addition to buying entire courses of cleanses, you can also just stop by for individual juices and other raw foods.

It’s a very simple juice cleanse, six juices per day, in no particular order. In addition to three different green juices, the others have appetizing names such as ‘Sweet Potato Pie’ (a fruity-tasting carrot drink) and ‘Spicy Citrus’ (their lemonade with just the right amount of kick to make a difference) and our personal favorite, the Tomato Gazpacho, which happens to be a spicy, amazing cold soupy beverage that you get abnormally excited about after a day of green juice. The intention is to rejuvenate the cells, detoxify, alkalize and nourish, and sure enough at the end of the second day, you’re already seeing and feeling the effects. Sure, a few times over the course of the first two days, your body says to you, ‘What on earth are you doing?! I need to lie down.’ That is actually recommended by the Juice Press team. Just twice a day, for 20 minutes. Eyes closed, the whole bit, but after day two, you are more alert, sleep better, need less sleep and don’t crave coffee, sugar or indeed any processed foods at all. In fact, all you really want to have is more juice.

Cleanses start at $58 per day. 70 East 1st St., (between 1st and 2nd Avenue), NY 10003 Juicepress.com

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