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The Kara Small Dry Bag Is A Bucket Bag And Duffel In One, Which Is Amazing

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We were at a very important business meeting over coffee and cake at The Smile yesterday with a very important fashion brand when our attention was drawn to our co-diner’s amazing Kara handbag. Actually, it was less of a handbag and more of a bucket bag. Then she only went and turned it into a duffel, right before our very eyes! We were instantly taken with the soft pebble black leather and discreet matte black accent hardware with just a simple silver zip as the sole contrast to the blackness. The genius of this particular style (known as the Small Dry Bag) is the aforementioned ability to change styles from a simple bucket to a duffle, by snapping a single button. You know how so many two-way things are totally wack? This isn’t. Each way it’s worn looks like the way it should be worn. We legit live for a two-in-one.

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-- Fiona Byrne

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