February 4, 2012 // Design

The Laundress Detergents Are Pretty To Look At And Actually Make Laundry A Pleasure

Maybe it’s because we’re New Yorkers who need to get very comfortable with handwashing very fast (maybe 2% of our Manhattan friends have a washing machine in their apt), or maybe it’s just that we are the type of people who know all too well the ramifications of washing underwire bras in a washing machine (ruined expensive underwear, pricey washing machine repair due to escaped underwire, you get the idea) but we are very, very happy about the existence of The Laundress line. We could talk about the pretty antique-vibe of the packaging or the adorable accessories, including old-timey tin buckets and a chic black and white striped ironing-board cover (NEED ONE!) but what we want to talk about right now is the Delicate Wash detergent. A tiny drop, your best bras and some water and all your lacey stuff is fresh and clean in a jiffy. It’s also perfect for silk, silk blends, fine cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon and so on and oh lord, the scent. The scent! It’s just gorgeous. And don’t even get us started on The Laundress Rose 31 Le Labo collabo (see what we did there?). The rose scent of this is beyond. We are probably handwashing more than is entirely necessary because this is so gorgeous. When you handwash your smalls and hang them to try over the shower rod, your whole bathroom smells like Valentine’s Day. It’s insanity.

Delicate Wash, $19 and Le Labo Rose 31, $45 atThelaundress.com

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