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The Life-Changing Magic Of Rodan + Fields Skincare

It’s rare that we will switch up our entire skincare system on whim, but when Rodan + Fields Redefine range showed up on our doorstep (literally – the UPS guy left it there) a month or so ago, our friend Lo said we should give it a shot. It’s from the people who invented Proactiv, she told us. Given that Proactiv really, actually works, we were instantly confident in Rodan + Fields.

Let us preface this experiment by describing our skin pre-Rodan + Fields. Bumpy, uneven, red and gigantic pores, not to mention the rapidly increasing lines. Not cute.

There are four R+F ranges: Redefine, Reverse, Unblemish and Soothe. Each is pretty self-explanatory. In the case of Redefine, the intention is to ‘reduce the visible signs of aging for noticeably firmer, smoother-looking skin’. Cool.

It’s a three OR four step program, depending on if you include the new R+F Active Hydration Serum or not. They advise you use each product in a very specific order, and in order to achieve max skin awesomeness you shouldn’t skip any steps. TBH we skipped some sometimes, and it still worked, but maybe we won’t skip them anymore since it’s kind of incredible how effective it is.

The first step is a daily cleansing Kaolin clay-based mask. It dries in two minutes and cleans out the pores without stripping your face of moisture. You follow it with pore-minimizing toner which has Polyhydroxy acids to exfoliate and oligosaccharides to minimize the look of enlarged pores. We can confirm they both have been working amazingly.

The next step is the recently-launched R+F Active Hydration Serum. It is super-duper hydrating, adding 200% more moisture after a single use, and continuously hydrating for the next eight hours. You use it before step three, which is either the daytime Triple Defense Treatment or the Overnight Restorative Cream, both of which contain a ton of ingredients to reduce lines, wrinkles and uneven skin.

Triple Defense Treatment includes SPF30 and optical fillers so you look smoother instantly, while Overnight Restorative Cream works on replenishing the skins moisture.

The Overnight Restorative Cream is a LITTLE sticky though, due to the Glycerin component, and if you sleep on your stomach, you may find your face sticking to the pillow. However, the solution to this is to wash your face a few hours before bed, if possible, which allows greater absorption of the cream and less face-stuck-to-pillow vibes.

As skincare systems go, we have never experienced such a personal skin revolution. We didn’t really believe it was possible to reduce lines and pore size, but naturally we are just thrilled to have been proved wrong. Very wrong. We’ve gone from a Maam to a Miss again. Yay.

All products available at Rodanandfields.com

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