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The Madewell Andie Sandal Is Giving Us Vintage Fisherman Realness

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The perfect sandal is incredibly hard to find. We know you feel us on this. Evening shoes are not the issue. They are plentiful. Almost too plentiful some might say. We want a good cost-per-wear sandal. Something we can run around town in but that potentially works as a Coachella shoe, and maybe even takes you into evening strolls across one of the bridges. Not Brooklyn Bridge, though – too many tourists. Let’s say the Williamsburg Bridge then. Q: Where would one find a sandal such as this? A: Madewell. The Andie sandal specifically. Inspired by a pair of vintage fisherman sandals, the Andie is giving us major summer looks, and we foresee a few outings in spring working that “socks and sandals” vibe utilized every year around April when we just can’t wait to get our summer on. We’ll take a pair in each color please.

$148, at

-- Fiona Byrne

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