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The Miami Edition Hotel Is So Perfect We Were Traumatized At Having To Check Out, TBH

Having thoroughly enjoyed a stay at the chic London Edition late last year, we were more than happy to hop on a plane a few weeks ago to check out the brand new Miami Beach Edition, because, uh, January. The 294-room property is the latest offering from the Ian Schrager brand and after two insanely glorious nights, we’re wondering how he can possibly do better. Schrager completely redid the old Hotel Seville in the mid beach area of Miami (Soho Beach house is also in that hood), creating an experience that verges on resort-style containment. But like, a very chic resort.

Let’s talk first about the restaurants: Market by Jean-Georges (yes, that Jean-Georges) is the more casual, day-to-night one while the Matador (also J-G) is all Latin sexiness and flavor. As you would imagine, the food at both is insanity, and if you don’t order the guacamole you’re making a big mistake. Huge. The hotel’s signature cocktail is the Edition Pineapple, a $30 Absolut Elyx affair in a huge copper pineapple that’s really two drinks worth of booze, just like, be aware of that. Post-dinner, you will not want to leave the property since there’s a bowling alley and an ice-rink in the basement, with the sickest rainbow lighting you will ever see, plus a ‘disco’ where you’ll find Miami’s hipster elite, peppered with drag queens and such.

The property is a total joy to wander around. Two pools, one featuring the original art deco diving board from years ago and a super chill poolside café in the shadow of a giant sundial, which you can also sit on. There’s a chill little private area set among trees, with cushions strewn about for extra chill vibes and if you feel like hanging out in the shade poolside, the cabanas are like little living rooms with throws and TVs.

The hotel is right on the beach, with suitably hot cabana boys and girls to cater to your every pina colada fuelled whim, and chic striped umbrellas so you’re never not looking your Miami best.

The rooms are appropriately light and white, with Martinique wallpaper in the closets, and lovely Le Labo products customized for Edition hotels. Yes, you’ll want to steal that stuff. All of it. And the loofahs. Love a loofah. Scrub that sunscreen off, yo. If chilling on your balcony isn’t relaxing enough, there’s a spa in the hotel that may actually be the most insane hotel spa we’ve ever been to. We’re not even really spa people, but we somehow whiled away four hours in that place, taking advantage of everything from a massage with reflexology add-on and a really amazing mani-pedi. You know how sometimes the nail technicians at hotel spas aren’t quite as good as your girl in New York? Well, here they are so good. Perfect. Best mani ever in fact. Obviously the incredibly chic white sofas and luxurious surroundings didn’t hurt.

We’re not quite sure what more we can say about the hotel except damn, we loved it so much and were truly bummed out leaving. Check out the images in our gallery below and there’s more images over at A Hotel Life too

Rooms from $479. Book at EditionHotels.com

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