March 24, 2015 // Design

We Asked Interior Designer Ariel Ashe About The Most Fun Room She’s Ever Designed

A former set designer on Saturday Night Live, interior designer Ariel Ashe went on to start her own design firm with architect Reinaldo Leandro and since joining forces, the pair have designed a ton of exciting spaces. Said spaces include the green room, dressing rooms and offices of Late Night With Seth Meyers who happens to be Ariel’s brother-in-law. We asked her to talk us through this super-fun room she designed for actress Jennifer Carpenter back in 2008. Can you handle the rock shaped ottomans? So genius.

‘I wanted a black and white based with punches of color that were easy to change out if she got tired of them,’ Ariel says. ‘We wanted things to be quite playful, so there’s a framed board game on the wall that she played when she was a kid, and little bits of mid century color. The felt rock ottomans are really good for small spaces, since they stack up and can be pulled out as extra seating when your friends come over.’

The ottomans have a really cool story, too. South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan set up a women’s workshop in Gauteng- Johannesburg where the ladies create the ottomans out of merino wool. Prices start at $298 at VivaTerra

Photo: Lucas Allen

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