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The New Kenneth Cole Bowery Store Is Like Really Good, You Guys

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To be perfectly honest, Kenneth Cole wasn’t really on our radar till we walked past its recently-opened store on Bowery. From 90′s lug soled ankle boots to the sickest over the knee style we’ve ever seen, it was kind of traumatizing to find so many styles we were legit in love with. That never happens. Choose one pair? That’s just cruel.

It’s not just amazing footwear either. There’s furry skateboards (hey, we know more than one person that would sleep with their board if they could) and even a service that converts any sneakers in the store into roller skates. That is pretty tempting.

If they don’t have your size in the shoes you like, they’ll find and deliver to you within 24 hours. And that’s not all; if you want to physically shop at the Bowery store after-hours, you just text a special number and they will open the shop, just for you, within three hours. Any time of the day.

So if KC wasn’t on our radar before, we can safely say it’s on our mind a lot these days. And our Christmas list.

Check out more pics in the slideshow below. And if you’re wondering what we would actually buy? Here’s what.

328 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 Tel: 212-777-2013

-- Fiona Byrne


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