February 4, 2012 // Design

The Parker Pen Ingenuity Makes You Want To Handwrite Everything, All The Time

It’s hardly a newsflash to say Parker pens are some of the best out there. Our matching Sonnet ballpoint and fountain pens reside in a small Waterford Crystal vase on our desk, you know, just to be a bit chichi. (The rest of the scene involves sweatpants, slippers and bangs pinned back.) Now there’s a new Parker pen that has ensured our fountain pen will probably serve as a decoration from now on, and Mr. Ballpoint will be used only to sign checks so as to make sure it marks the duplicate below. The Ingenuity has taken all the best bits of from the four main modes of writing (calling it 5th technology) and applied them in one gorgeous pen. It has the look of a fountain pen (love) and writes like a fluid porous point, with the ease of a ballpoint, all while being as smooth as a rollerball.

While we can try to describe the feeling of writing with this until the cows come home, you really have no idea what it’s like unless you try it. It’s the kind of pen that makes us want to sit down and write something… anything. The refill cartridge is simple and clean to change, and you have a choice of several chic finishes. We went for the black lacquer with gold trim, but are now having fantasies about the comfort level of the metal and rubber with gold or silver trim.

We like to say a lot of things are genius but really this time Parker beat us to the punch. And rightly so.

The Classic Standard is $160 going up $190 at Parkerpen.com

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