December 12, 2012 // Design

The SodaStream Source By Yves Behar Is Quite Beautiful

When SodaStream relaunched a couple of years ago we were thrilled. If anything brings back memories of homemade cola at our friend Kay’s house in the 80s it’s this device. Of course we didn’t have one at our house. Mum said they would probably discontinue the gas and it would become really hard to find and we would end up with this machine taking up space. She was sort of right: it fell off the map big time for a couple of decades. Now though, they’re back in a big way and the Source by Yves Behar is such a beautiful object, we’re happy to have it fully displayed on our counter. What of the product? There is a pretty wide selection of flavors from every sort of cola to fruit juices and mild water flavoring. Personally we are fans of carbonating basic water and avoiding all that waste, and based on how the accompanying monolithic streamlined Source bottle looks, we’re kind of mad we don’t have a glass door on the fridge to show it off. The Source is so stylish it debuted at The Conran Shop during the London Design Festival. Good for the planet and a thing of beauty. Pretty sick.

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