March 14, 2012 // Design

The Speakeasy Trend Reaches Miami At The Broken Shaker

For a trip to Miami, there are a few givens. 1) The dresses are short and tight; 2) The heels are high; 3) The clubs are cheesy. It’s not even that it’s a bad thing, it just is, and you have to embrace it, or don’t, you know, bother going. But just like New York, London and more, Miami’s got on the speakeasy train with The Broken Shaker, a pop-up cocktail lounge in South Beach. A tiny bar with winding patios and vintage mismatched furniture, this is the absolute opposite of its flashy neighbors and has the feel of what one imagines to be “old Miami.” String lights and dim lamps light an outdoor area where guests can choose to play board games, stroke the hotel cat or sit at the tiny outdoor bar and watch one of the mixologists at work using all fresh ingredients. A friendly waitress offers a menu but gives us the option of bartender’s choice. We ask for bartender’s touch to our St. Germain and champagne, which then arrives with a touch of hibiscus syrup and a huge twist in a beautiful coup, while our friend’s highball choice is cooled with what we can only describe as an ice log, as opposed to cube, plus a sprig of rosemary. She describes her concoction as “Panera bread with honey. In a good way.” She’s also a comedian. The brainchild of Bar Lab beverage consultants Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta, The Broken Shaker is only open until June but here’s hoping it pops up again sometime. Miami is better for it.

Indian Creek Hotel, 2727 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33140 tel 305-531-2727

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