February 13, 2012 // Style

The Surf & Turf Scrub At Haven Spa In Soho Reveals A Whole New Layer Of Skin

There’s nothing like a good scrub, and even better when someone else does it for you. We won’t start talking about all that gray, coarse, scaly skin floating around the atmosphere in winter, but suffice to say your apartment probably has a lot more dust when the heat is pumping. The Surf & Turf at Haven Spa in Soho goes like this: you put on paper knickers (glam) and lie on a plastic sheet to have the living shiz scrubbed off you. OR dead shiz, as it were. Then a mud is applied and you’re all wrapped up for a nap or a deep-thinking sesh, whatever. It’s during the final rinse with all that water being poured over you, you realize why the paper knickers were truly necessary. Afterwards, an all-over crème is applied to nourish all that newly revealed skin. You just want go home and stroke your own limbs. Or again, have someone else do it for you.

Surf & Turf, $145 at Haven Spa, 150 Mercer St., NY 10012 tel 212-343-3515

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