February 15, 2012 // Design

The Tiny Dyson City Vacuum Is So Great For Apartment Living

Is there a cuter vacuum out there with this much power? No.
As anyone living in New York will tell you, these apartments get dustier than most. If you live on the Lower East Side, you probably have an even dustier apartment because it appears they are always building a new hotel a block away, or a synagogue is collapsing, or (a favorite) jack-hammering the street below because they can’t just open that hole and leave it open, they have to close it every night and jack-hammer it open again the next morning right around 7am or so. Swiffers just do not cut it, and we had a very disappointing experience with a stick vacuum that was a great price but not worth a crap in the suction department.

For a few years we were OK with a dust-busting type hand-held situation we picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond — the apartment is teeny and who cares if we look like hunchbacks to our neighbors across the way? Regular vacuums are all well and good, but who has the space to store one? Certainly not us! The bottom of that closet is firmly reserved for more important things such as shoes and vintage mirrors that we will get around to hanging… eventually. Let us please talk about this Dyson vacuum that should be called the Byrne because it’s kind of like an answer to our household-cleaning prayers. It’s actually called the Dyson City DC26 and reminds us of those toy Dysons you see kids with. It’s adorable. Apparently Sir Dyson worked on the design for five years in order to avoid sacrificing performance for size — which by the way is so neat it can sit on a sheet of paper. It’s small enough to fit in a closet but we reckon this should just sit out in full view. Who needs a painting or vase as a talking point when you can talk about how fantastic your vacuum is?

$399 at Dyson.com

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