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The Triad Facial At New York Dermatology Group Is Some Benjamin Button Shiz For Your Skin

We will never forget the first time we had a Triad facial at the New York Dermatology Group. We had zero expectations. None. In our minds, a facial involved getting into a heated bed wearing just underwear, and having a bunch of lotions massaged in, a serious steam session, that painful extraction period, and then a relaxing mask and under no circumstances would we make a public appearance afterwards. In general you would need a day or two afterwards for the squeezing scars to abate. Then we discovered the Triad medical facial. Invented by Dr David Colbert (who also created our favorite face oil) the Triad is three-part process involving micro-dermabrasion, laser-toning and a light chemical peel. Your skin is immediately more luminous, and collagen production is stimulated, as is cell rejuvenation so as the days and weeks pass you look increasingly better. It’s almost a Benjamin Button situation for your skin. The Triad can actually reduce wrinkles and photodamage, too. There’s no heated bed, and you don’t even take your shoes off, but that’s why we like it. It’s a 30-minute treatment you can have on your lunch break and go right back to work — only instead of looking like you caught the measles, you look several years younger and fresher. Believe us, we are cynical when it comes to this stuff but nothing has improved our complexion like a Triad facial, and for that we are eternally grateful to Dr. Colbert.

New York Dermatology Group, 119 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10003 Tel: 212-533-8888 Prices range from $400 to $1200

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