April 5, 2012 // Style

The Wacoal Retro Chic Bra Is Totally Something Don Draper’s Wife Megan Would Wear

Granny bras used to be lolz. You see them in the windows of those old-school lingerie stores on the Lower East Side. The ones where you enter and you don’t see displays, you just tell the salesperson what you’re looking for and they bring out suggestions from the back. It’s actually very weird, and we can’t believe that’s how people used to shop for basically everything. Also we hesitate to mention Mad Men, since everyone’s all about “Mad Men style” 24/7 these days, but that is the feeling we get around the Retro Chic bra from Wacoal. Megan would totally wear a red one, and you can imagine Joan Holloway’s boobs hoisted up in this thing. And hoisted they are. The back is wide, aka practical, so you get serious support, and although it’s retro, you don’t necessarily get PBS (Pointy Boob Syndrome) — some shapes are definitely better left in the past. Guess you could say support is the new sexy.

$58 at Barenecessities.com

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