January 31, 2013

This Dessert From The Baking Bean Was The Best Thing In The Girls Season Two Premiere Gift Bag

It was at the Girls season two premiere a few weeks back that we first discovered the wonders of The Baking Bean. Well, technically it was after the premiere. In the gift bag. Among the Soulcycle voucher, the Deborah Lippmann Shoshanna nail polish and other bits and pieces was a chocolate treat which was arguably the best thing in the tote. The other stuff was cool too, but this was so delicious that we rummaged through the trash for the wrapper to find out where it came from. The Baking Bean was founded by Clarice Lam, whose fine art background is evident in her attention to detail when it comes to dessert design. After wolfing down the absolutely perfect Girls gift bag treat (The Baking Bean’s signature pb & j s’mores made of peanut butter shortbread cookie, raspberry jam, marshmallow and French milk chocolate), we went on to try the s’mores cookies (homemade graham crackers filled with marshmallow and chocolate hazelnut ganache) and the Mexican hot chocolate brownies with spiced dulce de leche swirl. The s’mores were insane, and a more perfectly moist brownie is not possible. As caramel aficionados, we can categorically say the Belgian chocolate ginger caramels are beyond. Not in New York? Don’t freak out! The Baking Bean delivers all over the US of A.


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