July 25, 2013 // Design

This Ice-Cream Sandwich Bench By Jellio Rendered Us Absolutely Speechless

We really didn’t think it could get any better than a hamburger beanbag. We were wrong. Very wrong. Our friend Jane at Teen Vogue alerted us to Jellio, a Bronxville-based design company founded by Mario Marsciano and Chris Lenox that fuses interiors with childhood memories. Think Rubik’s Cube side tables, rubber molded cupcake seats, shelves shaped like 3D glasses and Gummi Bear lamps. Nothing beats the ice-cream sandwich bench though! Solid foam throughout and covered in brown canvas with a white velvet center, this piece rendered us absolutely speechless and completely in love. It’s not like we didn’t think about ice-cream sandwiches every single time we saw a piece of brown tufted upholstery anyway. Are we right?

$950 at Jellio.com

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