May 29, 2015 // Style

This Is A Day Is Activewear You Will Actually Wear IRL

You know how brands are always talking about how their activewear can be worn in regular, day-to-day life? Like they tell you you can go to Pilates and directly to a dinner afterwards in their clothes, but you’re like, uh, I know everyone knows I just worked out? Well praise Jeebus, someone has finally created an activewear line where you can tool around town pre/post Pilates/yoga/Modelfit/whatever and no one will know the difference.

This Is A Day launched literally yesterday in the US, with pieces including sick zippered leggings, slouchy jogging pants, racer-back tanks and more, all created using moisture management, stretch fabrics designed for working out. The Hail Yes jogging pants come in wet look or matte, and frankly we are imagining them with pumps and a purse as opposed to planking, and the Throw & Roll leggings have a flat pocket that’s so handy for your phone when you’re walking to and from classes without a bag.

Basically, it’s all sick. You will want it all. Period.

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