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This Is What Zoë Kravitz’ New Band Lolawolf Sounds Like

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Is there anyone more perfect than Zoë Kravitz though? This girl grew up in downtown New York, daughter of Lenny and Lisa Bonet (Denise from The Cosby Show, you guys, it just doesn’t get any better), can legitimately act, is a genuinely nice person, and now proves her ability as a musical artist with her new band Lolawolf. Of course, a big part of being talented is knowing who to work with, and given that her band members are the members of Reputante, including prolific downtown New York songwriter James Levy, the music is much more than just ‘listenable’. What does it sound like? There’s a definite 80′s-pop synth element, but melodically and vocally it’s very of the moment. Maybe you should just have a listen below and make your own comparisons?

The debut EP from Lolawolf is out on February 4.

-- Fiona Byrne

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