February 15, 2019

This Super-Slim TV Changed How I Watch TV

Do you ever just hate something in your home so much that every time you look at it , you get a bit depressed? That’s how I felt about my TV.

First of all, it wasn’t a smart TV. It was very unsmart, in fact. And I hated that it was too thick to look good wall-mounted. And it made this high-pitched squeal sound sometimes. And it was small.

I saw someone posting about Hisense on Insta stories, so I talked to the guys at Hisense and they were like, we have a cool TV (the H9E Plus) that’s got loads of really high-end qualities but it’s cheaper than most TVs of this caliber. $699. Sign me up, I said.

It also happens to be extremely slim. It’s gorgeous (I never thought I would say that about a TV). It’s also so big my living room could feel like a movie theater. Who wouldn’t want to watch those Fyre Festival nightmare documentaries on the biggest screen possible?

One thing I wasn’t expecting was how amazing the sound is. Clearly, I had PTSD from the screeching of my old TV but this sound is like, professional level. And the picture. I’ve never seen anything as crisp. Apparently they were able to get this insane contrast and clarity with ULED technology (Ultra Light Emitting Diode) developed by Hisense.

The best part though, is that I got rid of my cable box and all those cables, because my new TV has Sling and Hulu and Netflix and so much more, so what else does a person need? This ALSO meant I could get rid of the fugly TV stand and go fully into my ideal life of a complete minimalist. Sometimes dreams really do come true! $699 at BestBuy.com

Photo: Genevieve Garruppo

In partnership with Hisense

This Super-Slim TV Changed How I Watch TV

Before: The cables were doing my head in and I was honestly getting tired of paying huge cable bills every month.

This Super-Slim TV Changed How I Watch TV

When I plugged in the Hisense TV, this picture popped up! I’m a puffin obsessive so to me this is a sign. Also, I couldn’t get over the

This Super-Slim TV Changed How I Watch TV

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