April 1, 2013 // Style

Topshop Is Really Bringing It In The Varsity Jacket Stakes

A varsity jacket is one of those things you always want. In every color. Thankfully Topshop is bringing it. In every color. We stopped by the Broadway store in New York last week and picked up the maroon/white colorway. Here’s the thing, we hate the color maroon. It’s the color of the uniform we wore to school. Maroon socks, skirt and sweater. A white shirt and a maroon/gray tie. SO MUCH MAROON. The boys at the CBS (Christian Brothers School) called us the Maroon Goons. They didn’t look much better in gray, let us tell you. Somehow though, the maroon/white jacket worked best out of all the colors at the store. It also comes in navy and white; we would have probably gone for that — if they had it. The thing is, though, the maroon one has the letter B on it, so apart from everything else it makes sense to have a big-ass B for Byrne. The navy one has the letter M. If we choose to get it, we might have to find a boy whose name begins with M so we can say we’re wearing his initial, you know? These are made of sweatshirt material and lined in the coziest fleece, so are perfect for right now when the weather is still a bit cool. And think of how warm you will be Friday nights sitting on the bleachers at the game (in your mind).

$70, at Topshop.com

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