October 16, 2013

Vancouver’s Ultimate Sandwich Is At Meat & Bread

The whole keep-it-simple concept of Vancouver sandwich joint Meat & Bread made perfect sense when we discovered two of the owners met at Dublin restaurant Gruel, a meat-and-potatoes joint. The back-to-basics approach at the now-closed Gruel is all over Meat & Bread, where canteen-style get-in-line-and-wait is part of its charm. There are daily specials (today it’s beef brisket) as well as staples such as rolled porchetta, a grilled cheese and soups and salads. Sliced and assembled in front of you, the sandwich is lobbed onto a board with a dollop each of mustard and ketchup, you pay and find a seat at the communal table or counter. Are the sandwiches all that? Yes. And so was our dessert – a maple ice cream made on premises with chunks of bacon between waffle wafers. That salty-sweet thing took us to a whole new level with meat and ice cream IN ONE. Naturally we had to try their cashew, caramel, nougat and smoked salt chocolate bar also, made for the restaurant by a local confectioner. If you’re feeling their salt rub and hot sauce you can grab a jar for purchase as you leave. Subway tiled walls, taxidermy and rustic accessories give a butchers shop vibe without the blood. Recommended.

370 Cambie St., Gastown, Vancouver, BC V6B 2N3 Meatandbread.ca

Thanks to Cathay Pacific and the Shangri-La Hotel

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