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Viviscal Makes Your Hair Grow Faster, Probably Improves Your Skin

Viviscal Beauty // Hair 

You know when you’re growing your hair and you want it to grow, well, faster? Sometimes it’s because you want longer hair, sometimes it’s because you’re growing out a color or style and sometimes it’s because you have chemically processed your ’do to such an extent that it breaks off in a gentle breeze. Whatever the case may be, you need a dietary supplement but you don’t want one that will affect ANY other part of your life. Sometimes weird supplements have adverse effects on things like appetite, mood and so on. Upon the recommendation of our friend Amber, we ordered a course of Viviscal, a Finnish supplement. Apparently Guido loves the stuff, and has talked about how this one model’s hair was a wreck and six months after taking Viviscal her hair had grown a LOT and was super healthy. The pill, which you take twice daily, is made up of fish proteins that encourage your body to create more keratin, which actually also has a positive effect on your skin and nails. We are on month four and our hair is growing so fast we can scarcely believe it, plus we have had so many compliments on our skin lately – it has to be connected!

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-- Fiona Byrne

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