March 6, 2013

Vosges’ White Chocolate Enchanted Mushroom Makes One Feel As Though One Is Living In A Real-Life Fairy Tale

As a friend, if you had to guess our favorite holiday and you didn’t guess Easter, then we would probably have crisis talks regarding our friendship, during which we would ask, “Do you even know us at all? How have you not been paying attention for the past x number of years?” We even know it’s American Chocolate Week from March 18-23. Who knows that stuff? We do. Why? Because we are obsessed with sweet things, that’s why. It’s fine. We have it under control and are calmly waiting until Easter to crack open the mounds of confectionery piling up in the fridge. We are definitely most excited about this Enchanted Mushroom ($75) by Vosges. Firstly, it’s six inches tall and comes wrapped in the most beautiful packaging we have seen in a long time (and we live in America where gift-wrapping is next lev). Secondly, inside the white chocolate shell there’s soft, dark chocolate, hazelnut and Reishi mushroom ganache. Now we know you’re not supposed to want to eat this all by yourself, but real talk, we reckon we could give it a pretty good shot. The Enchanted Mushroom isn’t the only adorable edible treat you can buy us at Vosges this Easter; we would also be happy with a powder-blue box of Wandering Rabbits ($24) and okay, go on, we’ll take a couple of peanut butter chocolate Wondrous Rabbit lollipops ($4).

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