February 4, 2012 // Design

We Baaaaadly Want This Sheep Stool By Irish Furniture Designer James Carroll

There’s wants and there’s needs and there’s wants that turn into needs upon visual contact. These wants include, but are not limited to, cakes, cookies, chocolate, cannolis, ice cream and essentially anything involving sugar. It doesn’t happen as often with furniture thankfully, but it just happened us with this sheepskin stool from Irish designer James Carroll. Our friend in Dublin alerted us to the online Irish store Makers & Brothers during one of our many iChat sessions about tiles, light fixtures and so on, and it was here we discovered The Sheep. A sheepskin atop four bog-oak legs (so Irish! Be still our hearts!) this stool pulls off that difficult hybrid of playful and chic, and we need one like, yesterday. There’s a corner of our NYC apartment that needs a sheep. Thanks.

€295 at Makersandbrothers.com

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