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We Can Fully See Spike Jonze In The Opening Ceremony Her Collection

Spike Jonze’ latest offering Her is the tale of a sweet guy called Theodore (played by Joaquin Phoenix) in Los Angeles, who falls in love with an operating system played by Scarlet Johansson, but it’s not just this look at modern day relationships, loneliness, fantasy v’s reality etc. that has us engrossed for two hours at a recent screening — the clothes had us thinking, too.

Sure, we knew it was set in the “slight” future. We’re not exactly sure how slight, but suffice to say mid-century design is still super-popular and train seats are enormous. And the clothes! Costume designer Casey Storm’s created dramatically high-waisted men’s trousers — dramatic to the point that the audience laughed when they first appeared on screen — and we wondered if this was a social experiment to make these a ‘thing’ in real life? Like that time the Beastie Boys wore New Balance sneakers, apparently as a sort of joke to see if they would take off in the hipster world. Maybe that’s an urban legend, though? In Her, the basics mostly haven’t changed, but how they’re worn has. Button downs exist — the popular style is to double up — and there’s a somewhat 70s layering element for the ladies. Think ‘early millennium hipster female’. The Opening Ceremony collection includes the aforementioned pants, although maybe not quite as high-waisted as the movie, as well as color-blocked basics, button-downs (of course), and printed T-shirts bearing scenes from the film. It launched last week in the US and hits OC London the first week of January. Her is released in select theaters on December 18. It’s amazing. You should see it. In the meantime, check out the line in the slideshow below:

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The her by Opening Ceremony collection will be available exclusively at Opening Ceremony boutiques in New York, Los Angeles and at beginning December 2nd, followed by Opening Ceremony London the first week of January. Pricing ranges from $105 to $450. Watch the movie trailer here.

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