April 10, 2012 // Design

We Don’t Like When You See Those Metal Plate Hangers Around Decorative Plates, So These Sticker Hangers Are Cool

Nifty is not one of our favorite words. It’s not as bad as groovy or funky but it’s still mildly irksome. It is also, however, the only word we can use to describe these adhesive sawtooth hangers. We discovered them after buying a decorative plate on Etsy and it came with one of these attached. They’re excellent for hanging lighter items such as small plates and mirrors, and are very secure so you shouldn’t have any unexpected smashing moments. Unless you drop a plate while hanging because you are busy talking on the phone and trying to hang plates at the same time. Sigh. We tracked them down at Buy.com for under $5.

Moore Push Pin Company adhesive sawtooth hangers, $4.96 for a pack of four at Buy.com

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