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We Just Used Benjamin Moore Aura Paint And It Completely Blew Our Mind

We come from a painter/decorator background, so from an early age were learning about the best paint to use, what materials you need and also how to paint.

Our mother always said to buy the most premium paint possible. Why? Because you will half, if not quarter the work. Cheap paint sucks because you need to do a million coats and it never quite looks even in the end. Those patches will haunt you day and night, and so will your aching muscles. Take this as a fair warning.

When we first moved to the great US of A, we chose Benjamin Moore because it was once mentioned in the Judy Blume book Just As Long As We’re Together. Stephanie, the main character, had a poster of Richard Gere in her room, but she called him Benjamin Moore because she saw it on a paint can and preferred that name. Not the most typical way to choose paint, but luckily for us, it turned out to be great product. Thanks, Judy!

Once our mother came to NYC and painted our whole apartment. She bought the best Benjamin Moore paint available at the time, Regal, and yes it was a really good paint.

Then god created Aura.

The whole steeze of Aura is that it offers complete coverage in two coats. What we were not expecting was complete coverage in ONE coat. When we began rolling, we immediately saw there was something different about it. It completely covered the area with one pass, and when it dried, we put away the paint supplies because there was no need to even touch up an area. To us, that more than justifies the $72.99 per gallon price tag.

We used Decorator’s White in eggshell over Blanc eggshell. In addition to the slight differing shades, there was a lot of discoloration on the walls, especially around the radiator. Aura handled it perfectly. In one coat.

It was such a dream to use, we even started looking for things to paint. Doors that really didn’t need it… the bathroom ceiling….the wall in the kitchen that has wallpaper going over it anyway. That type of madness.

We hadn’t intended on writing anything about the paint, but this stuff is so good it led to texting friends unsolicited advice about what paint to use when/if they ever want to paint their spaces.

Check out Aura colors and finishes at BenjaminMoore.com


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