March 8, 2012

We Very Much Suggest You Replace A Meal With A Visit Spot Dessert Bar

Yes it’s frequented mostly by females with slightly guilty looks on their faces, but Spot Dessert Bar on St Mark’s is more than just some place you go to eat your feelings. Walking down steps to a raw barnwood sweets haven, choosing your dessert is where the problems begin. Do you go for a “green tearamisu” (sidenote: this is almost unsweet, so if you hate overly sugary and love green tea, this is the dessert for YOU) served in a small square wooden dish with a wooden spoon? So Asian! So simple! Or choose the apple crumble cupcake, a cream cheese–topped, fresh-apple-filled delight. There’s also the traditional red velvet cake, macaron (isn’t it now illegal NOT to serve macarons in New York?) The menu was created by pastry chef guru Ian “Kittichai” Chalermkittichai, which also includes Thai Tea Creme Brulée, White Miso Semifreddo (raspberries, EVOO, almond tuile, raspberry sorbet, hashtag wecan’t), Vietnamese coffee cupcakes, an enormous selection of toppings including mochi and tapioca… it’s a lot. Add to that some Asian-y drinks such as bubble tea and Thai iced coffee and really, just go ahead and replace a meal with a visit to this place.

13 St Marks Pl., NY 10003 tel 212-677-5670

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